Monday, February 19

King Tide at White Point

End the day with Joshua trees

Enjoying a few days in Joshua Tree National Park. This was just after sunset the first hike day.

Wednesday, January 10

At the end of the day

Sunset cliff  San Diego 

Friday, July 7

Bad Mustard!

Turns out this mustard superbloom has some adversaries in artists and chefs. Their trying to collect the bloom before it can mature and spread. 

Now we need someone to take a look at Spanish Broom (pictured above).

Sunday, May 21

I'm a Criminal in Devon

Well. Good thing I got to the airport early today because I had to have an interview with the police! They were two men decked out in gear like the Matrix minus the flowing coat.

I forgot about the pocket knife in my pouch. (I remembered to move it to checked baggage for the flight to London.) In the U.S., I would just surrender the knife and move on. But here in Devon, that short-bladed knife turned out to be an illegal weapon - the locking blade made it so. So, I couldn't just surrender it; the police had to interview me and make a report. I'm on file now in Devon. I won't try to carry a knife here in the future... things would get serious.

After that rigmarole, I got my last cream tea. Now, on to find my gate.

Saturday, May 20

The View From Lyme Regis

Yesterday after my fossil outing and after touring the Lyme Regis Museum, I bought Pad Thai noodles in a small street food gathering and carried it to a seat on the sea wall.

Good fresh meal and what a view!

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