Sunday, July 3

Breakfast heartbreak

No bread in the house. No biscuits or tortillas, either. How did this happen?
I've got the best part of breakfast on my plate and no sopping material available. 
That puddle contains a little tomato juice and some seeds, the essence of pork (sausage grease), runny egg yolk, black pepper.
If I had a cat's tongue I could savor every last smear.

Posted by phone.

Sunday, April 17

Cashio Street Easter

Us and what we ate to ring in Spring.

Thursday, December 30

Tiny Steps

Don't know why these little foot prints so captivated me, but they did.

Just a walk in LA90035 before the rain. 

Posted by email.

Friday, December 10

Eyes Down?

Thursday night was the Members Show at the Sierra Club Camera Committee. It was a Zoom affair in keeping with current pandemic protocols and eleven members had five minutes each to share small collections of images. My collection was nice but I got all tongue-tied for some reason - I even had a script!  Ugh!

Well, I sat down and created a "print" version of my segment on Flickr complete with the captions I could not spit out.  I wish I could get everyone to look at it.

Monday, November 29

Winter Shadows

Here's a shadow portrait made at about 10:00 AM.

Tuesday, June 29

That panel...

I visited Turtle Bay in Redding and struggled to find a good angle on Santiago Calatrava's famous Sundial Bridge. Only when I gave up and walked away did I notice this lovely panel on my phone. The effort was best in the conglomeration of the attempts.
The picture is greater as the sum of its parts.  🙂  🙃