Thursday, September 15

The Winstons and the Moon

On Winston Ridge
Alison and I went out for a walk. We were looking for a bit of weekday conditioning and originally thought about Mt. Baldy but circumstances led us to adjust our aspiration. I had lately been introduced to the charms of Winston Peak and Winston Ridge so we went there instead.

Here are some of my photos from that afternoon hike.

Not on the Backbone Trail but...
We walked out to the Ridge first and dawdled over lunch so that we got the great afternoon into evening light on our walk back.

Hardscape and ephemera

Inspired by Steve Anderson of
backlighting renown

A nice shot of Alison creating a masterpiece in the sunset glow.

Lunar work in progress.
Thanks to the Meanderthals in general and Don Siminski in particular for introducing me to the Winstons. Don encouraged me to hike to the summit as our morning hike wound down. I proceeded with a few others who turned off on a logging road short of the top. What I found was a beautiful boulder-laden summit, fairly broad and so inviting.  I'm looking forward to visiting again in the winter and especially in the spring.

Thursday, September 8

In the Patriarch Grove

Saturday evening was beautiful high in the Patriarch Grove.

Saturday, August 20

First Frames At Home On Cashio Street

When I am being a responsible photographer preparing for an outing or another occasion that will generate a lot of photo files, I charge all my camera batteries, clear my memory and reformat my disks. It feels good to start fresh.

But I find that empty space in a camera is a vacuum. Photos want to rush in so I am compelled to snap the shutter. Here now!
When I am lucky, there is nice light in front of me and a tidy counter or something interesting on the refrigerator door.
The images in this collection are some of those casual, spur of the moment, homely snaps.
In truth, I like to have that comfortable image at the front of my memory, literally a home base.
Home is the spot where, when the new shots run out, I find comfort in the familiar. It's a happy place.

Tuesday, June 7

Compost Composition

That cabbage and peony arrangement from my May 29th post looks good even on the compost pile.

Sunday, May 29


Last weekend, there was an event at my place that called for a table-top shooting studio and flowers. And so all week, I've been able to take advantage of the "May gray" light coming from my north window with flowers in the studio.
This morning I met the arrangement you see at the top and this afternoon, I've been experimenting with various details.

Could it be Rorschachian? What do you see when you look into the peony?

Friday, May 27

My So-called Studio

When Alison and I launched a Camera Committee outing to pay homage to Ray McSavaney by exploring the flower market and creating still life photos with flowers, we had no idea how it would turn out and who would even participate. We just wanted to make it a real opportunity to do good photography. The unforeseen bonus for me was a studio came to life in my living room.  

Ray's flower workshops culminated in a bunch of folks gathered in his studio near a huge north-facing window with backdrop stations that Ray made from PVC pipes. I took the idea of the PVC pipe station and enlarged it but I thought we would be shooting in open shade in my backyard under a pearly May sky and depending on the weather made us nervous. At some point I realized that I have pretty nice light in my living room. It took me more than thirty years to figure that out so I think Ray whispered in my ear. 

All week long, I've been playing in the "studio" you see above. Some results are rolling in. I think they are expressive.

This chaos in Sunflowers reminds me of Vincent Van Gogh

These remind me of a wedding party - right down to the little kids underfoot.

This makes me think of Edward Gorey. Such a curious little flower.

Tuesday, May 3

Went there

After all these years, finally visited Mt Lee and the Hollywood sign.

Thanks to Mary!