Sunday, November 6

Walking Wilshire With Mary

This rainy morning I jumped on the 720 Rapid bus to go downtown and meet Mary Forgione and a small band of lunatics.  Our goal was to walk Wilshire (rain or shine) to the beach.
We did it! We started with twelve walkers and finished with ten. I think two bailed out before we had even crossed the 110 Freeway.
In rain and shine, we swapped stories and listened to Mary and Terry Ginsberg tell us about the architecture and history of landmarks. We visited the lovely Los Altos apartment building in Westlake, stopped for a snack in Hancock Park, made wardrobe adjustments when the sun came out in Beverly Hills, lunched in Westwood.
Courtyard of Los Altos Apartments.  

In the end, we had walked 16 miles in about 6 hours. Departing from Wilshire and Figueroa on the steps of the Sanwa building at about 8:15 in the rain and arriving at the feet of Saint Monica at about 3:15 in blustery, sunny beach weather. 

The Angeles Chapter's Wilderness Adventures Section sponsored the outing. Mary uses Wilshire as a training/maintenance hike when the mountains get too snowy and icy. Her latest idea - walk Wilshire in the evening to see all the lights! Can't wait for that one!