Sunday, November 10

First Light of the Week

Today I actually got up for first light without the motivation of people waiting for me.  I even woke before the alarm.
Without a solid plan, I headed north on 395 looking for an interesting foreground for the fine Sierra background.  Before long, and well before dawn, I found myself in Manzanar tromping around on the north end between blocks 26 and 27.
First light on Mount Williamson from Block 26, Manzanar

Me looking very self-satisfied
I set up and waited for the light on the mountains. Then, I followed its progress down the mountain and across the valley until it finally reached the cottonwood remains of a Manzanar garden.
After capturing the image below I had trouble moving on - which is to say getting back in the red Jeep and preparing for the drive to Los Angeles.

First light on Block 27, Manzanar with a view of Mount Williamson
I dawdled. I set up a couple of detail shots. I poked around and finally got in the Jeep, only to stop again on the access road for George's Creek. That's a great location and I think there will be photos posted from that stop. And return visits, too.
No more stops before I got to Lone Pine, but now I am sitting in my Timberline Motel room and blogging.
I gotta go.

Saturday, November 9

Chasing Ansel Adams

After a blizzard of emails, much speculation, internet and print research, map study and exploration by various members, this gang of Ansel Adams fans visited the spot where he made the negative that would become Mount Williamson From Manzanar.

There will never be another one just like it but here is my quick study, after Ansel Adams. Of course, the day was crystal clear and my negative was actually a digital file and color, too. Still, it was a great thing to stand there and wonder what it was that told Ansel to stop here and look for a shot.
There is a register at this site where visitors can leave their names.  In the 10 days before our visit, John Sexton and Alan Ross had stopped by and dropped in their cards. Stu Levy visited earlier in October, too. We are in good company (albeit remotely).
I'm hoping to get some images from the gang to share, so keep an eye out.
Editor's note: Allan sent along a link to a wonderful 360 degree pan made as I was composing our group shot.  Check it out.
Ansel Adams

Thursday, November 7

Another Oregon Snap

My last outing was in Oregon.  This shot is from Bandon Beach.
Tomorrow evening, I'm heading to Lone Pine for an Owens Valley photo outing. More details, next post.