Thursday, December 30

Tiny Steps

Don't know why these little foot prints so captivated me, but they did.

Just a walk in LA90035 before the rain. 

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Friday, December 10

Eyes Down?

Thursday night was the Members Show at the Sierra Club Camera Committee. It was a Zoom affair in keeping with current pandemic protocols and eleven members had five minutes each to share small collections of images. My collection was nice but I got all tongue-tied for some reason - I even had a script!  Ugh!

Well, I sat down and created a "print" version of my segment on Flickr complete with the captions I could not spit out.  I wish I could get everyone to look at it.

Monday, November 29

Winter Shadows

Here's a shadow portrait made at about 10:00 AM.

Tuesday, June 29

That panel...

I visited Turtle Bay in Redding and struggled to find a good angle on Santiago Calatrava's famous Sundial Bridge. Only when I gave up and walked away did I notice this lovely panel on my phone. The effort was best in the conglomeration of the attempts.
The picture is greater as the sum of its parts.  🙂  🙃

Sunday, June 13

Happy Birthday Dinner

I began celebrating my birthday two weeks ago with oh-so-good chocolate cake after a Meanderthals hike. Big thanks to Margie and Richard who squeezed  me onto the cake. 

Since then I've had lots of birthday wishes and cards and I'm looking forward to dinner and a movie on Tuesday, a birthday lunch out on  Wednesday, and dining out with family next week.

Today, I think I made myself a really lovely birthday. Out of bed late but not too late, for a perfect summer breakfast of peaches, homemade rye toast, "fresh" strawberry preserves and good Irish breakfast tea.

Off to the the farmers market in full summer dress: tomatoes, eggplant, fresh garlic and onions, apricots, nectarines, peaches, watermelon, tiny oranges, cukes and three kinds of cucumbers. The usual suspectsof broccoli, cauliflower, greens of every description, potatoes of every shape and size. 
I'm celebrating the riches while looking forward to sweet corn. Two weeks away, I think.

Back at home I made an excellent skillet dinner of tomatoes, eggplant,  cauliflower, spices and rice on the Maqluba recipe in The Jerusalem cookbook. Made a beet and avocado salad (fresh citrus vinaigrette and pistachios) to go with.
In another tiny victory, I used a jar of turkey stock from my freezer. A victory as I'm trying to reduce the mass of food in my freezer.

All delicious. Now I'm considering baking a Wacky Cake. It is my birthday, after all.

Saturday, March 6

On Read Across America Day, the first Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff reads I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

Or find Mr. Emhoff reading on Instagram.

Sunday, January 17

Missing Piece Recovered

It is whole again. Yay!

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Complete - almost.  One piece missing in the sky. 

This puzzle is a bear to assemble but a wonder, too. All the details hidden in the assemblage. 
I wish I was out there on the Pear Blossom Highway.

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