Friday, November 16

Giving Thanks

This year - this week actually - I have so much to be happy about and thankful for.
  • Mom is back in her own apartment, sleeping in her own bed, running her own day. And we've returned her checkbooks and credit cards.
  • The CamCo fundraising auction proceeded successfully. Everyone seemed to have a good time. I brought home some nice photos, too.
  • A new reference librarian starts on Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday. That spells relief for Agnes and Mei as well.
  • My budget was completed and submitted pretty much on time and on target and I didn't resort to soda pop and cookies to get through it.
  • A delicate contract negotiation at work seems to be winding down.
  • I was supposed to be camping this weekend but instead I am planning and prepping for a Thanksgiving Feast.  If I am not camping, at least I'll be cooking (and eating).
  • It rained yesterday and what a relief that is.
What have I to look forward to besides turkey leftovers?  I'll be leading a small backpack at the end of the year and getting away from work for at least five days and finishing some prints in my newly renovated workroom (another blessing to be thankful for). I'm considering a new years card for my family and friends.
Most of all, I'm looking forward to quiet evenings at home in my kitchen or my workroom.
Simple  pleasures.