Friday, July 7

Bad Mustard!

Turns out this mustard superbloom has some adversaries in artists and chefs. Their trying to collect the bloom before it can mature and spread. 

Now we need someone to take a look at Spanish Broom (pictured above).

Sunday, May 21

I'm a Criminal in Devon

Well. Good thing I got to the airport early today because I had to have an interview with the police! They were two men decked out in gear like the Matrix minus the flowing coat.

I forgot about the pocket knife in my pouch. (I remembered to move it to checked baggage for the flight to London.) In the U.S., I would just surrender the knife and move on. But here in Devon, that short-bladed knife turned out to be an illegal weapon - the locking blade made it so. So, I couldn't just surrender it; the police had to interview me and make a report. I'm on file now in Devon. I won't try to carry a knife here in the future... things would get serious.

After that rigmarole, I got my last cream tea. Now, on to find my gate.

Saturday, May 20

The View From Lyme Regis

Yesterday after my fossil outing and after touring the Lyme Regis Museum, I bought Pad Thai noodles in a small street food gathering and carried it to a seat on the sea wall.

Good fresh meal and what a view!

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Friday, May 19

My Mary Anning day on the Jurassic Coast

I joined Lyme Regis Museum guide Rosa and about a dozen other folks on the beach for the Friday morning fossil hunt and found fossils!

I also found an even greater appreciation of Mary Anning. She is the 19th century fossil-hunter and paleontologist, who became a scientist and made major contributions to the thinking of the day, against huge odds and with little recognition. As a woman of low birth, who battled poverty all her life, her opinions were suspect amongst many scientists and clergy of the day.

My Jurassic Coast outing, at low tide on a pleasant spring day, was fun and mildly productive. Luckily my rent and dinner doesn't depend on my fossil skills.

I found four of the ammonite fragments in this picture and was given two bits. I picked up the stones at the rear... just because. 

I think the stones on the right and left are chert. The one in the middle the fossil hunters would call "beef" and disregard it. 

If I didn't have to fly home with already too heavy luggage I'd have picked up a lot more simply-amusing bits and boulders.

Wednesday, May 17

In the garden at Middletown Farmhouse

I'm waiting to for the launch of my Day in the Dartmoor and enjoying this classic sunroom and garden.

Middletown Farmhouse B&B is a restored old farmhouse. It is classic whitewashed cob walls with stone foundation and thatched roof (good boots and hat). Inside the floors maybe uneven but the electrical and piping are up to date and reliable. Beautiful modern fixtures in the bathroom and traditional furniture in the bedroom. Fresh, luxe linens and in-room tea tray with an electric kettle and a nice selection of teas. A little jar of homemade shortbread cookies - better than any chocolate mint on the pillow.

I'll cone back!

Thursday, May 4

The Bath Abbey.
I'll try to visit tomorrow.

Bath Skyline Walk

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Sunday, April 16

Poppy accident

I'm always happy to see accidentally interesting confluences of photos om my phone. In this case, poppies in Janet's garden. 

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Sunday, April 9

Easter Sunday Xmas mash-up

Beautiful spring day. All the windows are open. Janet and I attended Mass thinking of Mom and Dad. 
And happy birthday, Grandma Jones.

Back home I took off my Easter clothes and got comfy in my Xmas fleece pj bottoms. Crazy.

Monday, March 6

Nice day on the Parks to Playa Trail

Recovery Diary Monday March 6

I put both socks on standing up this morning. 🙂
Now I'm heading for the Parks to Playa trail for a six-mile hike. 🤞

Update.  It was a gorgeous day to be in the Baldwin Hills - great views, flowers, greenery everywhere , plus bunnies, squirrels, scrub jays, robins, juncos, ducks, geese, and turtles and maybe a red tail hawk on the wing. I ran out of trail and only got five and a half miles (14,000 steps), but I reached the Japanese garden at the right time to stop and join the Monday afternoon Zoom chair yoga hour, so I did it. Serene. 
Came home tired, hungry, and a little sore.

Sunday, March 5

I made that picture!

Muley Point, September 19, 2022

Last year I got to drive half way across the country quickly and then meander back home at leisure. In the meandering, I visited Bears Ears National Monument - Muley Point at this particular moment. It was a lovely day and I made bunches of photos which I promptly forgot about in the busy day-to-day back at home.

Today, five months later, I ran into this image. It stopped me in my tracks and so, I had to post it.

Hat tip to my dear cousin Connie Sue for helping me realize the trip I had been imagining. ❤️

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