Monday, July 25

A Pyramid in Philadelphia

A Pyramid Building
It was a hot few days in Philadelphia. Humid, too.
Finally Monday saw a break and the sky was overcast. Fat raindrops bombed pedestrians but not too much. It was comfortable to be walking up Arch Street and I noticed an icon. 

Friday, July 22

More Chihuahua!

Two more slideshows from Mexico.

Arco y Circulos
Check it out.  I noticed that I seem to have an affinity for slices of circles.

Chihuahua Pots
This collection is from a pot-firing demonstration.

Tuesday, July 5

I love my Elph

My Elph is usually there with me, so I can quickly snap surprise visitors like this little guy.

He stopped by Ron and Ann's yard on Saturday and was not particularly amused by the attention.