Friday, November 27

First Shower Since Leveling the Floor

I have not had a shower in my own bathroom since we had some foundation work done and levelled the house. That's when we cracked open the shower pan and tiles but good. I think that was February 2009.
Today is the day after Thanksgiving and I have something to really be thankful for.
John gave me the go ahead to use the new walk-in shower. The grout around the window has been curing for a couple of days and now it is ready.
He may be worried about the grout, but I held my breath as I turned on the shower, focusing all my attention on the drain. It ran perfectly. The water made a clean, smooth, easy departure. Yea!
My old faithful DWP low-flow shower head gives me great coverage and the spray lands well within the "shower footprint". It is comfortable on my head, neck and shoulders and can I ask more than that? The new shower valve is a modern, title 24-compliant, one-handled model. I wish it gave me just a little more pressure, but - really - I'm not complaining.
The Takagi on-demand water heater delivers an endless stream of hot water with a little bit of burner-roar in the service porch. I never have to leave the shower again.

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