Friday, December 25

Thirty-seconds too long on the ice and . . .

. . . I broke my wrist.

It was such a fun evening - a belated birthday celebration for Melissa. Snacks and a drink at Trader Vic's in L.A Live, then a few turns around the holiday ice rink. See how happy Miss M. is!
Just one quick aside here - modern skates are so much better than the ones I learned on 30+ years ago.
About 10:00, Melissa got out of her skates and into her street shoes. I dawdled. One more turn around the rink and I passed the exit gate, heading for the corner to tell Melissa something (now I have no idea what that was).
One moment I was on my feet, the next I was on my tush. And there was a powerful pain in my wrist.
I'll just say: urgent care and x-rays before 11:00pm and surgery a week later. Now, I'm in a cast, keeping my wrist elevated (mostly) and my cast dry. I'm wriggling my fingers and thumb and working on complete extension.

And I'm wondering how I'm going to dress this over-sized appendage for work on Monday.

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  1. Sorry about your wrist. Dad sprained his wrist really bad taking me skating when I was in grade school. Never saw him skate again. What is your skating future looking like? Merry Christmas, Love,


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