Wednesday, January 13

Construction closure? Not quite yet.

Today the contractor and the inspector came for another pass at final inspection. Lights - check. Water heater vent - check. Electrical box behind the refirgerator - check. Emergency gas shut off valve - well, not yet.
My remodel is fully functional and very liveable. The kitchen counters went in beautifully, the plumbing followed right behind. How nice to have running water again and the sink is the perfect height for comfortable sudsing. 
The bathroom is deluxe. The shower is spacious and the shower drain is fast. I love my linen closet columns.
To be sure, there are still finishing jobs to be done, but they are little things like hanging a bathroom mirror and a toilet paper holder. I'm close to finding the perfect specimens of those fixtures. I still need to resolve the window treatments in the kitchen and diner. And I need new speakers for the kitchen stereo.
Those will come along with art on the walls.
But I am living it the space and love it to bits.  Can't wait to have two good hands again for some serious cooking!
I promise to post some finished pictures soon.

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