Tuesday, March 30

Under the Spring Moon

This Spring full moon is spying through the east window, watching over my Mom asleep in my bed. I am so glad to have her here with us on Cashio Street.
I am blessed to have a sister who would fetch Mom from the convalescent home, shepherd her through myriad appointments, errands and visits and then pack the car to make an Okie proud and carry her south, where we can help - maybe speed - her recovery. It has been just over a month since a low-blood-pressure episode put her in the hospital and then the convalscent home.
It was a fretful month for us siblings. But we saw our Mom roll with the flow of close quarters, wheelchairs and walkers, a cardiac diet, physical therapy, fluorescent lighting, interrupted sleep and the general surrealism of institutional care.
With that month behind us, I look forward to Easter and her April birthday, stamina-building walks in the neighborhood and adventures around the city, visits with friends and family, cooking and stories. It should be a good visit.

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