Tuesday, March 6

You meet the nicest people

This evening, Nan and I left work a little early trying to meet Jerry and Kay in Cerritos in time to catch a little evening light on Michael Heizer's big rock en route to LACMA.  Clouds on the horizon made a muddy sunset but we had a good time visiting the rock anyway.
It was so fun because of the people we met. A large crowd of curious locals and dedicated rock gawkers lined South Street just east of Palo Verde Avenue. It was all very orderly and so friendly. It was obvious that many people stopped on their way home from work. Some walked from the immediate neighborhood (many brought their dogs).  Others apparently had picked up the kids and driven over. Everyone had a camera or video recorder or smart phone.
LACMA had several red-shirted volunteers there answering questions and interacting with visitors. They all seemed to be having fun, too. [At dinner, Nan, Jerry, Kay and I agreed that the volunteers should have been handing out pebbles from the quarry, like they hand out fabric swatches at Christo installations. Maybe next time.]
With street traffic reduced to one lane in each direction, you would think drivers would be annoyed or irate. But many of them crept along snapping pix over the steering wheel and leaning out to ask questions. No honking horns, no rude hand gestures.
It seems that the big rock travels with a surplus of good will.  I hope that good will lingers around the installation on Sixth Street!


  1. Beautiful photographs, Joan - I love the moon! It was indeed a magical evening.

  2. Thanks, Kay! I'm so glad we got to visit the rock and have a nice dinner together. I can't wait for the installation at LACMA.


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