Sunday, April 1

Rock of a Different Color

Touring Red Rock Canyon State Park with Bob and Carole was enlightening.
You have driven through the park many times on Highway 14 as you make your way to greater adventures up Highway 395, headed for Mt. Whitney, Mammoth, Trona Pinnacles, Death Valley. Maybe you have driven into the campground to use the bathroom. Maybe you even thought you'd visit...some day.

For me that day turned into three this weekend. It was great.

You can see this formation from Highway 14. It might be called the Temple of Heliopolis

Turk's Turban

Ancient Petroglyphs in Last Chase Canyon

Orion and Taurus over Ricardo Campground
Thanks to Red Rock Canyon-enthusiast Bob for introducing me to this wonderful "neighborhood" park.  Thanks to Carole for facilitating the great outing and for getting up before dawn, motivating me to go out and capture the Turban pictures.

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