Sunday, October 14

Me, Too - Shuttle-Spotting

"Didja see the Shuttle fly by?" 
Years from now, Angelenos and other Californians will be comparing their shuttle fly-by stories and snapshots.  Not me - I missed it. Sitting on the 38th floor at my desk with my camera on my belt, keeping one eye on the window and I still missed it - twice. Grrr!
I consoled myself with the idea of walking the Endeavour into its new home (a la Heizer's rock), but all the transportater logistics, sidewalk closures and yellow tape nixed that idea.
Ultimately, this morning, I did get to walk with the Endeavour, if only for a couple of blocks. Then we just hung out at the Forum for a couple of hours. Me, Endeavour and thousands of our dearest friends. It was actually quite a lovely time.
I fell in love with the hands and cameras that popped up over the crowd. You can see a gallery of Shuttle Snaps on my Picasa page.

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