Friday, December 23

The Joneses

These cousins gathered to remember Darlene Jones Schipper and Dick Schipper on a cool, drizzly day in Cloverton Cemetery and then retreated to the Bladen home of Sharon and David Berns for lunch.

Left to right: 

Tonja Frank (daughter of Chad Jones)
John Schipper (son of Darlene Jones Schipper)
Casey Jones (son of Chad Jones)
Connie Badgett (daughter-in-law of Twila Jones Badgett)
Teresa Roof (daughter of Byford Jones) 
Ramona Sieler (daughter of Byford Jones)
Kelie Hargens (daughter of Teresa Roof)
Katie Groeling (daughter of Teresa Roof)
Vicki Roberts (daughter of Radford Jones)
Cheryl Bryant (daughter of Twila Joens Badgett)
Joan Schipper (daughter of Darlene Jones Schipper)
Darlene Badgett (daughter-in-law of Twila Jones Badgett)
Allen Badgett Jr. (son of Twila Jones Badgett)
Becky Wising (daughter of Jane Johnson Meyer and Ira's niece)
Chad Roof (son of Teresa Roof)
Janet Schipper (daughter of Darlene Jones Schipper) 

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