Saturday, March 30

Mom Tea All Day

When I was at home before going to college, Mom made me hot tea for breakfast*. I didn't like the tea too strong, so she would pull the tea bag out after achieving a pale brew and drop it in a shot glass on the window sill to be dunked again tomorrow.

I did acquire a real appreciation of robust tea in my 20's. And made fresh tea for every cup. Frugality has its limits.

Now, my recently adopted tea habit reminds me of Mom's attention and thrift. These days I start with one or sometimes two bags of decaf black tea and brew it until it's pretty "strong". Since decaf never seems to rise to the level of sharp acidity of conventional tea, I can leave the bag(s) in the cup and occasionally warm it up with hot water all morning long without missing much.

Tea connoisseurs are spinning in their seats right now. I know. I know! That's no way to create a cup of tea. But really my necessary avoidance of caffeine and my subdued, old taste buds mean that I just enjoy a hot beverage that is little more than colored water and a hand warmer. (~shrug~)

On a special occasion, I still do enjoy "real" tea. Well-brewed Earl Grey or English Breakfast Tea with a squeeze of lemon. That's a delight!

* Back home, on the days when I had a sore throat from overnight post-nasal drip, Mom made hot chocolate with real milk and Nestlé Quick. And marshmallows on top. Indulgent but excellent nursing.

** The beautiful mug pictured here was made by Janet, my lovely and talented sister, as was the little pill cup in the background.

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  1. The tea mug and the little "pill cup" and made by my sister.


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