Thursday, July 9

Tepid Tub

Yesterday when I stepped into my tub, it was not hot. So, I ran more hot water and that was not hot. Fortunately, it is July and the June gloom has gone and a tepid tub can be considered "refreshing".

Today, John shared a few phone calls with our excellent plumbers (Jo-Mi of West L.A.). My 2007 water heater needs a new thing (some pilot-ignition-gas controller deal). Under warranty, it will cost about $90 in labor to repair. I'm willing to spring for that to tide me over until a new tankless heater is installed and there is a spacious shower to host all the hot water.

Tomorrow, the contractor and the cabinet maker will be here at 8:00 a.m. Jo-Mi will arrive sometime later than that and by evening, I can be soaking again.