Wednesday, July 15

Tile Day

Imagine big red porcelain tiles glazed with an almost gritty finish. They are sort of a terra cotta color and have a nice variegation in color. Next to our oak swatch - beautiful.

Today we visited Discount Tile on Venice and Classic Tiles on La Cienega, with an eye to tile "sets". There is probably a name for those - like tile scheme or something.

John is really on the lookout for the coved base tile that will prevent moisture and rot from collecting in the corners. I'm with him on the mildew front - none of that, thank you very much. And he really likes cap tiles with dimension - the ones that become little shelves.
At Discount Tile, we found the red floor tile and looked at tons of wall tiles, including some great subway tiles. For awhile, the travertine patterns sucked me in but I think I'm past that now. They had the coved tiles in a variety of colors (phew).
Then over at Classic, we found 5/8 inch squares multi-colored sheets with red, taupe, brown, yellow, cream. That has to figure in the shower. So here is where I stand at the moment and this is far from firm:

- red floor for the bathroom floor and shower,
- variegated tiny tiles up to about six feet on the west wall with the glass blocks,
- glazed ceramic taupe subway tiles on the side walls also six feet,
- glazed ceramic cap still undetermined,
- glazed ceramic taupe coved base tiles all around.

After tiles - glass and lights. More on that later.