Monday, September 14

Tile Saga

Seriously I am not going to give you the day-by-day tile shopping and selection saga. I'll just say that John and I visited 40 stores in 2 counties over 4 Saturdays dedicated to looking at and touching tile (stone, ceramic, porcelain, terra cotta, glass). Thank goodness we are only talking about one bathroom - 72 square feet.
I started with a classic design - white hex tile floor and subway tile shower/tub enclosure and lavatory back splash. Plus a glass block panel above the tub.
Then a nice basket-weave ceramic tile appeared in This Old House magazine and the design started to morph as I looked for that product.
When, I saw this lovely 5/8" travertine multi-color square tile (above) it became the focal point of the room and knocked out the basket-weave floor.
My budget knocked the sunken Greek tub out of the design and the idea of a continuous floor into the shower was born. This beautiful aggressively textured tile (below) was perfect - except the 12x12 inch tiles won't accommodate the gradual slope to the shower drain.
Finally, here is where we landed:
  • Multicolor 5/8 inch travertine tile on one shower wall,
  • Ceramic Adex brand 2x4 inch subway tile for the remaining shower walls and backing the lavatory/water-closet in bone (warm white),
  • Half-round travertine "pencil-line" tiles to finish the edges,
  • Textured porcelain 6x6 inch floor tile and bullnose base tile in sandalwood (nicely variegated).
The little bars of color you see in these pictures are grout samples. I haven't reached a decision on that yet. There is always another question.
Oh, I'm also thinking about mounting the subways in the vertical.


  1. Where did you file the multi-color tile -- we are redoing a kitchen and that is perfect.

  2. Multicolor tile was all over the Los Angeles and Orange County tile outlets, but the only place we found this combination with the red tiles was at Classic Tile & Mosaic They are close to the house.


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