Monday, October 5

Tiled Bathroom

I could have sworn I made an overview of the newly tiled bathroom but I can't find it. Now that the bathroom is "dressed" for drywall and paint, I can't get that image, so here are some details.
The lead picture is the shower corner where the travertine meets the subway tile. It doesn't show well the subtle color of the grout, but see below for more grout views.
Next, you see the alcove in the shower for shampoo and soap. It is generously sized for lots more bottles than I usually use. I may have to decant my Aussie Mega shampoo from its garish purple bottle into something more in keeping.

I love the new floor. we went through a huge variety of floor ideas before we found this variegated and textured porcelain. I think it will be comfortable underfoot, provide sure footing in the shower and look charming.
Above right is a spot where you can see examples of most of our tiles: subway wall, pencil line travertine edge, porcelain floor and porcelain baseboard with a rounded top edge.

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