Tuesday, October 6

The wraps are coming down and cabinetry is arriving

When I arrived home from work tonight, the plastic barricade between the kitchen and the hallway had been removed. I have not had kitchen access from the living room since September 1. This means that the dirtiest parts are done. Finish work from here on out, Baby!
Paul, the cabinent guy, installed the giant pull-out linen closet columns. They are beautiful! They are huge! (How long will it take me to fill them up?) They roll with ease like gentle giants. You will be jealous when you see them.
I've been dragging my feet on pulls and handles for both the kitchen and bathroom. Now that the cabinets are trickling in, I need to get going on that detail.
Paul also delivered the bathroom vanity. It is beautiful - an original design that will accommodate the Kohler basin and provide handy storage beneath. It is magic because the basin bottom nests below the cabinet top and Paul has figured out the geometry to maximize the drawers.
Unfortunately, the piece is too tall. It stands 36 inches high without the stone top and the basin stands about 3 inches above that. It is too tall for the wall-mounted spout.  I know it will work out in the end. Paul will fix it and it will be beautiful.

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