Sunday, January 22

Point Dume with Alison and Bill

 It is too late to be writing a post, I should be in bed already. But...
Point Dume - Alison confers with Norm
Angeles Chapter Camera Committee leader Alison deserves an acknowledgement. She took me to Point Dume years ago at the beginning of her tidepool tour. She lured me back this weekend and she leads a great trip.
She stared down the rain and got 10 people out there with her.

Same tidepools, new adverse conditions, better pictures, no complaints. I wish I'd brought a polarizer - not complaining, just saying...

Also, welcome back to Bill, who has been sidelined for so many months now. He returned this weekend to assist on the tidepools outing as usual. He's coping.
We're glad to have you back, Bill.
Ed and Bill work the angles on the starfish

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  1. Wow, you guys did get a really really low tide. I'm jealous.


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