Monday, January 2

What's Your Pan Format Preference?

Do you like 
this "full-frame" stitched panorama format
this stitched and cropped panorama format?

Why?  Feel free to make a comment below.

Note: I should have mentioned that this is the first in a series of postings to cover my New Year's weekend in the Grand Canyon with my photographer friend, Vaughn Hart.  (You may see him in postings during the series and when he publishes his photos to his Picassa account, I'll let you know.)


  1. I prefer the first (upper) image. I like how the black background becomes part of the composition and suggests that the scene was too expansive to contain in a single photograph.

  2. I like them both, so this won't help. Each appeals to a different sense of the image.

  3. If I hadn't seen #1, I'd think #2 was great. But, I did see #1, so now I feel like #2 cuts off some nice content.

  4. Thanks all!
    For those of you who could not make the comment feature work, my apologies. I don't know why it does that.

  5. I like number 2 better but they are both pretty spectacular.

  6. Joan,
    Your blog is wonderful. I'm sorry I'm such a nudge and don't express my appreciation for your photographic efforts...
    I like the irregularity of #1 but I wish the dark canyon and lighter sky were more balanced so I could see into the shadows.
    JMS - upstairs

  7. I Like number 2; the jaggedness of number 1 is distracting at best

  8. Uh-oh... you say distracting - an email message said disturbing. Did you look at the Moran Point pix?

  9. I like the full frame pan. You lose too much of the scene in the cropped version. The irregular black border is also unique and gives the viewer more information, that the scene is made up of several images.

  10. My initial reaction is to vote for number 1, but both are wonderful. Number 1 works for me because I like seeing more content. Fun stuff. Way to go girl.


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