Thursday, November 18

The Turkey Has Landed

I'd like to say that the turkey flew in from Tyler, Texas but actually it arrived by UPS Ground. The box smelled good and it didn't take much encouragement from the folks at MTO for me to open it up.
Inside was a lightly insulated brown paper bag, inside that was a heavy plastic bag, inside that was a dark (almost black) turkey.  Nine pounds cooked weight. (I weighed it when I got home).  Greenbergs says it will serve 18 to 27.  I'm thinking that is the snack-size portion. But still it should feed our Thanksgiving Party of five with some leftovers and a smoky carcass.  Come back later for photos.

I was able to fit the bird sans box in my refrigerator.  Now every time I open the door a waft of smoky goodness hits me in the face.

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