Sunday, December 18

Rainbow Basin Natural Area

I've posted a few snapshots from the CamCo's car camp in Rainbow Basin in a Picasa album. You should be able to click through.

I've been making stitched panoramas in Windows Live Photo Gallery because it's more pleasant to sit at my laptop in a warm room than at the PhotoShop-enabled PC in my cold office. Usually, I prefer not to stitch my pans so viewers see the edges of the photos, but WLPG does retain the cock-eyed border which can be fun. 
Below you see the crazy skewed stitch that happened when I joined three images in two stages. Interesting, but you will see the proper image in the Picasa album.

What happens when you make a lazy edit in Windows Live Photo Gallery. 

You can click the images for larger versions.

Monday, December 12

Elph magic

This lovely little blossom surprised me once in Owl Canyon in the Rainbow Basin Natural Area. Then again on the LCD of my pocket Elph. I'd snapped the macro handheld, low, so low, below my eye level.