Saturday, March 21

A Night in Black Rock

Weird Sisters in Joshua Tree
Black Rock is the campground on the north side of Joshua Tree National Park where my companion for the trip gave me a clue about focusing my camera for night sky photos. He mentioned in a casual conversation over carrot cake that the default position for an electronically-focused lens is infinity.
I had to experiment and snapped several frames on the table top (sans tripod).

This series observing our neighbors by their campfire, with wonderful light on the Joshua tree blossoms, a spectral figure in the clouds and stars above all, was the perfect exercise!

Sunday, March 15

New Photo Work

In my pre-retirement/unemployment days, I am hoping to hone my photo skills - especially visualization and printing. I've made a folder in my Picasa page for new work and hope to post images there that are nearing completion. These will be items I would show my pals for feedback. I hope folks will post a comment or dash off a note of critique.

Thanks for looking in occasionally.

Tuesday, March 10

Yosemite Digi-Snaps

 Heading up Tunnel View Trail with my friends

 The golden hour in Ahwahnee Meadow

 Lucky image capture while waiting for the shuttle to take us to dinner.

These balanced rocks are culturally and environmentally insensitive to some.
When I spy a display like this, I revel in the spirit of playfulness!

Magical parting visions. 
Click on this one at least to see a larger version.

If you want to see more snapshots, have a look at my
Yosemite Gallery on Picasa.