Sunday, February 9

Rainy days in San Francisco

No picture again but since I have time to spare, I thought I'd make a quick post. Janet and I are waiting for time to go to the airport at the end of a lovely (if rainy) weekend in San Francisco.
I worked on Friday and Saturday but after that we had dinner at Hayes Street Grill with friends and enjoyed a Henry Butler show at SF Jazz.  What a wonderful venue that is and perfect for Henry's easy-going style. He looked great sitting on stage in the Joe Henderson Lab with street life in full swing behind him and along the right wall of the auditorium. He showed up in a silvery, shiny jacket and then out-shone it with his killer piano and engaging vocals. He is a real trooper at 80 years old!  He greeted fans and signed CDs between sets. We hung out after our show and hoped to get into the next one but no luck.
This morning Janet and I rode the N Judah Muni line to the end and got a view of the Pacific beyond ice-plant covered dunes. It was what I expect English beaches look like: gray and breezy and damp.
After breakfast at the Beachside Coffee Bar & Kitchen, we walked up to Murphy's Windmill in Golden Gate Park and meandered back through the park to 9th Street. Saw several soggy bison and lots of runners. There were flowers blooming and more promising to break out in bloom at the first hint of sunshine. We only got about halfway through the park, bailing out to catch the Muni for the return to our hotel in time for our late check-out.
Now, with our flight delayed two and a half hours to spare, we are cooling our heels in the lobby and weighing the advantages of a cab v BART to SFO.

Great weekend!