Friday, December 25

Family Xmas

All of us Cashio Street natives. 

Tuesday, December 8

The View From Here

On the good ship Cashio Street, I'd say this desk is the bridge. It has a pretty good view most days.

Wednesday, December 2

Done puzzling

Done with jigsaw for a while.

This was a good one - eight in one, actually. The bottom right caverns panel gave me some trouble - even in the light of day. Near the very end,  I had three pieces and three spots but the orientations didn't match.
I pulled three or four pieces out and tried again. That worked.

Fun but engrossing. 

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Saturday, November 28

Puzzling progress

I didn't start until after dinner, after clean-up, and after puttering around but the work shows.

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Friday, November 27

1000 Pieces of

...wishful thinking this Thanksgiving Weekend.

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Sunday, November 8

Election 2020

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Sunday, October 25

Change of season

Doc Walnut has come to hang out on my door  I closed my kitchen sink window. My yellow fleece came out of the closet. Fall Color!

It's not really cold on Cashio Street but a chilly breeze in my kitchen makes long sleeves and a cozy collar finally welcome. 

I voted yesterday. Another indicator that this disagreeable year will soon pass. We'll carry coronavirus with us into 2021 but I dearly hope that social, environmental, regulatory, and political ills will be begin to be turned around.

Fingers crossed!

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Thursday, August 6

Too cute not to share

Bee-bee the dog was wearing my glasses. I was probably six years old.

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Saturday, August 1

Funeral Mass

Fr. Tony said a funeral Mass for Mom today. He gave us a lovely eulogy and talked about Mom's legacy in us and the service to others she performed in her long life. 

All of us kids and grandkids were there in the patio chapel and Dieula, Mom's eucharistic minister, joined us. It was sedate but not somber.

Patrick and Lillie read the scriptures. A soloist sang Mom's favorite, Ave Maria, and Dad's favorite, Amazing Grace. 

I think we did the right thing in arranging this service at this time in the midst of the pandemic. It closes the circle of her life in the Catholic Church. 

In three weeks, there will be a remembrance of a different sort. We'll host a Celebration of Mom's Life - on Zoom. I think it's going to be great

Friday, July 17

Dorothy Darlene Schipper

This is my Mom, Dorothy Darlene Schipper.  She's the plump lady in the middle. My sister Janet is on the left, then my brother John and that's me on the right. 

It was Mother's Day 2015 and we were gathered at my brother's home in Newbury Park to celebrate. Mom asked to have a photo made with her children, as I recall. So we set up the one above and then we worked through the whole family. It was a fun afternoon. 

Well, Mom, passed away early on Tuesday morning July 14. She passed peacefully after a week of hard labor breathing with compromised lungs. In the preceding week, she had been visited by her children, grandchildren, in-laws and Fr. Tony, the local pastor.  Several of us were with her on Monday night. 

She was 93, just celebrated her birthday in April. 

I'm going to be posting a little in the coming days about her. Follow along if you please. 

Okay, since you've made it this far, here are the rest of the Mother's Day photos.

The Grandkids. Lillie, Patrick and Cullen  (left to right).  All good, smart people. And good looking, too!

The "In-Laws".  My siblings married well!  Tammy Sherrard and John Baker.
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The Family. The Newbury Park branch (left) and the Cashio Street branch (right). It's a good family. We missed Dad then and still do.