Tuesday, April 15

Flash post - Hummingbirds

Feeling compelled to post so you won't worry that I've been hit by a bus. Here are some pictures and a few words...

On Sunday, my friend Allan led a CamCo workshop on photographing hummingbirds in the Huntington Beach Central Park. I facilitated and soaked up as much instruction as I could from Allan and the other participants.

I feel like I am picking up some skill and moving in the right direction. My hummers are not out-of-focus fuzzy so much of the time.  They are definitely sharper when perched, of course!

Between improved facility with my equipment and more patience, I'm getting more, better (but not spectacular) shots. I may have to leave spectacular to the big lenses and the infinitely patient.

You can see the photos posted by our participants in this Meetup gallery