Saturday, May 10

241,300 miles

I was sorta hoping to get a quarter of a million miles on the red Jeep before I replaced it.
When it became clear that I needed a more reliable car, I thought I'd reach that milestone before I found a vehicle I wanted to drive.

Well, about a month ago, the Jeep was towed out of Death Valley National Park for the second time (thanks to good Samaritans Steve and Sally of Dixon, Montana for getting us safely to Bishop) and I had to be an adult. I put aside my prejudices and got a modern car.

Then the heartbreak came: out-placement.

Today, the red Jeep went home with a new owner. He said he'd take care of it and I have to believe him.  He said he needed a town car, so I think it's a good match.  I hope he gets to a quarter of a million miles and many, many more.