Friday, July 17

Dorothy Darlene Schipper

This is my Mom, Dorothy Darlene Schipper.  She's the plump lady in the middle. My sister Janet is on the left, then my brother John and that's me on the right. 

It was Mother's Day 2015 and we were gathered at my brother's home in Newbury Park to celebrate. Mom asked to have a photo made with her children, as I recall. So we set up the one above and then we worked through the whole family. It was a fun afternoon. 

Well, Mom, passed away early on Tuesday morning July 14. She passed peacefully after a week of hard labor breathing with compromised lungs. In the preceding week, she had been visited by her children, grandchildren, in-laws and Fr. Tony, the local pastor.  Several of us were with her on Monday night. 

She was 93, just celebrated her birthday in April. 

I'm going to be posting a little in the coming days about her. Follow along if you please. 

Okay, since you've made it this far, here are the rest of the Mother's Day photos.

The Grandkids. Lillie, Patrick and Cullen  (left to right).  All good, smart people. And good looking, too!

The "In-Laws".  My siblings married well!  Tammy Sherrard and John Baker.
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The Family. The Newbury Park branch (left) and the Cashio Street branch (right). It's a good family. We missed Dad then and still do.