Tuesday, January 28

Pete Seeger Died Yesterday.

Pete Seeger wrote so many of the songs that were just in the air in my youth. Like, did someone have to write "On top of Old Smoky" and "Where have all the flowers gone"?  I can't imagine a life without them.
In his Wall Street Journal obituary, Stephen Miller noted Pete Seeger "attended Harvard on scholarship, but dropped out to join an itinerant puppet troupe with leftist leanings." That's a career path to be emulated, right?

We are all richer having lived in a world that included Pete Seeger. 

Friday, January 17


Eureka Dunes Pan
Just getting some images out there for my pals to see. I've been carrying these around on a flash drive and that it not a good sharing device.

Looking across Eureka Valley
Peter, John B, and I ventured to Eureka Dunes early in January to scout it as a location for a Camera Committee outing.  I think it has potential as a Shoot the Moon location.

Landscape in a square foot using the new Elph.
How about those watermarks?  Too obnoxious?