Saturday, September 26

I'm Living in a Warehouse

Materials, fixtures and appliances are rolling in.

  • Five boxes of floor tile, one of base tile, eight of subway tile, one of pencil line edging, three of mosaic travertine.
  • One range, one range hood (cooker hood it says on the box).
  • Two sinks and one garbage disposal (the kitchen sink weighs more than me).
  • One shower faucet (that's partially installed), one lavatory faucet and drains for both.
  • One water heater and its companion water filter (it looks like a torpedo).
  • Two fans (these have been installed now).
My living space is getting tighter and tighter. My office is half boxes and the enlarger stand looms over the desk.
In the backyard:
  • two kinds of insulation have passed through,
  • copper and PVC pipes have been absorbed,
  • several boxes of joint compound recently arrived,
  • rolls of plastic sheeting came along,
  • boxes of plumbing connections remain,
  • the toilet is in several pieces,
  • our work-horse washer-dryer (sometimes connected to the garage for electricity, and to a garden hose for water,
  • plywood galore leans against the house.

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