Saturday, November 7

What are we waiting for. . .

The shower head and valves are installed but untested. The floor is beautiful with a nice slope to the ample floor drain.  If only there was glass to seal the wall between the bathroom and the service porch and to contain the shower splash and protect the vanity.  The 5/8ths inch cross-reed 8mm glass I originally selected is not available and will not be available in any predictable time-frame.
So, I selected a different glass called Master Ligne. Now, I'm nervously awaiting the sample and  hope it is not too "revealing".

Flange 3500095
The vanity is installed and finished. The stone counter is almost there - it just needs another polish to clean up some tool marks. The basin is ready to plumb. One faucet valve had to be reset and it is ready to go but . . . one of the flanges was missing from the box and a duplicate of another part was in there instead.  Flange 3500095 is on order.

The cabinets are installed and the finish is beautifully applied.  The kitchen sink is sitting in its niche awaiting plumbing. The stove has been tested and is standing in its nook awaiting final installation. If only there was a countertop. The Caesarsone guy came out weeks ago and measured. But, the rosemary-colored material I specified was out of stock. Should be available in another week.

That's on me.  I need to make the final selection of three sconces and four ceiling fixtures.  This weekend for sure.

Knobs and pulls.
Again, that's on me. More decisions.

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  1. Well, that glass is pretty revealing. We're going for it anyway and I'll obscure the view into the shower at other points as necessary.
    So if you come to a party at my house, don't be afraid to use the toilet.


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