Monday, December 14

Roasted Pumpkin Fondue

This Roasted Pumpkin Fondue was adapted from Ruth Reichl's new book, Gourmet Today. My excellent friend Melissa gaved me the book as a kitchen-warming gift. I've heard Ruth describe the dish on a number of occasions. Then Evan Kleiman said she tested it (with great success) with a smaller squash before preparing eleven ten-pound pumpkins for a catered event.

I started with a three-pound Kabocha squash. some slices from a stale baguette,  gruyere cheese, cream, vegetable stock, nutmeg, salt, pepper and olive oil.

All the good stuff goes in in layers and the outside is painted with olive oil. Then - into the oven!
It came out all crisp and burnished on the outside and creamy-gooey delicious on the inside. It was so soft and creamy, the lid fell apart a little bit.
Pretty scoops of squash, cheese and bread (which has absorbed the cream and stock).
I ate almost half before I tore myself away.
The leftovers will probably be lunch this week. Unless I go get it out of the fridge right now.

Yum!  Thanks, Melissa - I'm ready to make one for you now!


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