Sunday, April 10

What's going on is CicLAvia Spring 2011, a community event that opens LA streets to cyclists, walkers and loads of people engaged in outdoor activities that don't involve motors.  It was a great experience with people of all ages, from lots of neighborhoods, with every concept about riding a bike. As diverse as Los Angeles, everyone was out there.
This was the second CicLAvia. I missed the first one, but I hope to make it to all the others.
You can check the CicLAvia website for route and details. I'll just say that I cycled the complete route and a little more - probably 16 miles. This is my third time out on my new bike, in my latest iteration as a biker.  The longest I've pedaled in decades. 

I felt good while I was on the saddle. Now - well, yes - I am stiffening up. It will be "interesting" tomorrow.  At least, I had a bit of that endorphin high. After the ride and lunch with Cullen, I came home with energy enough to do a little garden cleanup and a little house work.

Now, I'm ready to hit the shower and steam my tired shoulders.  I'll leave you to look at the pictures...

Top: eastbound on 7th Street near MacArthur Park; eastbound on 7th approaching Westlake Avenue; eastbound on (I think) Heliotrope Avenue leaving the Bicycle District. Left: westbound on 4th Street leaving Boyle Heights. Below: the extreme east end of the route in Hollenbeck Park.
Way at the bottom: Watching the bike stream at City Hall on 1st Street.

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