Sunday, April 22

The Rock is Perched in New Dress

The view to north. Doesn't the Rock look like a catalog model, hip-cocked and left leg extended to emphasize the elegant lines of the gown?

The view from Fairfax and Sixth Street, through the trench.
I was surprised to see a green cloak (a parachute maybe) settled on Michael Heizer's Rock this morning. Viewed from the Broad (looking north to Park La Brea), it's fairly elegant, draping nicely and pooling about the base.  From the West, it looks a bit shabby.

Nice color, though.

In what I assume is its ultimate position, I begin to see the levitation effect. I can't wait for the big reveal!

The west end of the concrete trench seems to be finished, and the red transporter and gantry equipment has been reduced to one trailer load of stuff (glimpsed behind the Rock above. Heavy equipment still dots the yard and the trench.

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  1. Nan says the green drape was in honor of Earth Day. Could this be an indication of what might happen around the rock in future celebrations and other occasions?


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