Saturday, October 20

Camera Committee Auction - November 10

Remember this shot from my Grand Canyon outing at New Years?  
I donated a cleaned-up version to the Camera Committee Auction. It will be one of scores of lovely photos up for bidding on November 10. Check out the auction gallery (see the links in the right column) to see most of the offerings.

Bill Bett's Lotus Flower
The Camera Committee Auction is an occasional event. It happens whenever our till gets low. We'll keep about two year's operating expenses and the rest of the proceeds will be donated to the Angeles Chapter's groups and sections to sustain conservation and educational activities.

The Camera Committee Auction is a fun event with food, beverages, socializing, and, of course, art!  If you have always been curious about but intimidated by art auctions, this is a "starter" event.  Beautiful works by friends and some Photographers of Renown, low pressure bidding and usually some bargains.  I guarantee that you will not need a second mortgage to acquire art here. Bring your checkbook.

I hope to see you at the auction.

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