Wednesday, October 16

Have a look at my Oregon Gallery

Stormy, Bandon Beach, Oregon
I should be working on the budget, but it's been weeks since I returned from the Oregon Coast workshop with Don Kirby and Stu Levy (not to mention Joan Gentry).  I want, at least, to acknowledge the experience of a week under the tutelage of such excellent photographers.

I benefited from their guidance in better field procedures and in Lightroom/Photoshop workflow. I learned from every one of the fifteen or so portfolio reviews, especially my own, during which a couple of criticisms rubbed me the wrong way.  Still, I took them under advisement. For one, I was told that I turn horizontals into verticals; I am coming around to an appreciation of that crit*.

Dr. Stu gave me homework: more scanned still lifes and get out there more for landscapes. I'm taking that to heart.  The day after I came home, I made a fresh new scan of orchids. I'm not thrilled with it but it made me consider how that process works. I'll make better choices in the future.

I also scheduled a trip to the Mojave desert for the full moon in the landscape. Can't wait for that to come, so luckily some of my photo pals came up with another outing in the Owens Valley early in November.

You can see a hodgepodge of images that will prove I went to Oregon in this Oregon Gallery on Picasa.

* The photo above may be a horizontal turned into [almost] a square! Is that bad? What do you think?
I like the proportions and I wanted to draw attention to the distant scene on the horizon.  This composition reminds me of Fredric Edwin Church's view of Petra.  In the online version of Petra, the "background" is way more vibrant than I remember it from my viewing at the Huntington Library exhibition. In my mind's eye the architecture is dreamier.

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