Thursday, January 1

New Hat for 2015

I am wearing a new hat these days.
Newly Unemployed

Not the one in the picture...I've owned that one for ages without many occasions to bring it out. Figuratively, I am wearing a new hat but I don't know what to call it. I am no longer a salaried employee. I am resting for awhile and then, hopefully, I'll pick up a nice revenue stream.

I know I'll work a little for my former employer as we try to find a candidate that everyone agrees can do my old job. I think I may offer on-call assistance to law firms and I can imagine working in a law firm to fill in for a new mom or dad.

What I'd like to try is public library reference. And maybe dog grooming. And if anyone needs help with packing for a move or unpacking afterwards, I'm your girl. I love organizing kitchens and offices.

So, am I a Consulting Librarian? An Independent Contractor?

I kind of like the title Itinerant Librarian. I like the idea that I might follow a job circuit and find myself working in Wyoming or Oregon or Upstate New York.

For the moment though, I am just Downstairs on Cashio Street.

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