Sunday, June 3

Southern California Decadence

Before Memorial Day, in the farmers' market we So Cal denizens see tender greens, rich cherries, fresh onions and lush berries.
Then after the holiday, the first stone fruits and summer squashes pop up. Admittedly, we have wonderful produce every week here but we all look forward to the seasonal featured items.
This week's haul was more varied (and heavier than usual perhaps because I didn't have breakfast and I wanted to eat everything my eye lighted upon). I picked up early girl and kakoa tomatoes, eggplant, three-plus pounds of pickling cukes, Tulare cherries, tangelos,Mini Royal cherries, heirloom black beans that originated in Pennsylvania hundreds of years ago, two kinds of yellow peaches (at least from two different farmers), yellow nectarines,  zucchini, and apriums.
It's going to take some focus to consume all this stuff.

In the coming weeks, I'm looking forward to watermelon, sweet corn, all the pilots, and little galea melons.

Downstairs on Cashio Street

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