Friday, February 22

Call me crazy at the DMV

Yep. Call me crazy, I opted to attempt renewing my Cal DL at DMV Culver City without an appointment on a Friday.

But, hey - no problem! (So far.)

Within 30 minutes of arriving I had passed through two human-staffed stations and one computer station and was sitting comfortably waiting for G 062 to be called. G 039 was up.  

No complaints!

I just hope there are no surprise fees as i didn't bring my debit card and only have $40 cash on me. 

Downstairs on Cashio Street


  1. Less than two hours later I'm done!
    Photo, eye exam, thumb print, fees, RealID documents all done!

  2. And no surprise fees. $36 for a new California driver license with RealID so I can travel easily via TSA-monitored modes of transport is a good deal, in my opinion.


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