Friday, May 19

My Mary Anning day on the Jurassic Coast

I joined Lyme Regis Museum guide Rosa and about a dozen other folks on the beach for the Friday morning fossil hunt and found fossils!

I also found an even greater appreciation of Mary Anning. She is the 19th century fossil-hunter and paleontologist, who became a scientist and made major contributions to the thinking of the day, against huge odds and with little recognition. As a woman of low birth, who battled poverty all her life, her opinions were suspect amongst many scientists and clergy of the day.

My Jurassic Coast outing, at low tide on a pleasant spring day, was fun and mildly productive. Luckily my rent and dinner doesn't depend on my fossil skills.

I found four of the ammonite fragments in this picture and was given two bits. I picked up the stones at the rear... just because. 

I think the stones on the right and left are chert. The one in the middle the fossil hunters would call "beef" and disregard it. 

If I didn't have to fly home with already too heavy luggage I'd have picked up a lot more simply-amusing bits and boulders.

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