Friday, January 18

Death Valley Dunes

Just do me a favor and click on this pan to get a bigger picture. It's a view of the eastside of Panamint Valley from the Panamint Dunes at the north end.  In the distance, you can see Lake Hill, a volcanic structure sitting in the dry lake bed. We were out there for the last weekend of 2012.
I love that walk. We didn't have the best light on the dunes that weekend but it is a pleasure to be out there looking around anyway. I'll go again in the spring, I think.

When we came away from Panamint Dunes, we headed for Stovepipe Wells for two nights. On Monday morning we went to Mesquite Dunes for first light.  My friend Thom got a terrific shot of the rhythmically undulating dunes. That sent me back to my own collection to see if I had anything to compare and I found I could work up this image. Thom's is way better.
You can see a few more shots in my Picasa collection.

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