Saturday, January 12

Winter in LA

Finally we are having a little winter here in Los Angeles!
For the last few days, I have been glad to have lunch dates with friends because, besides the good company, that meant sitting down indoors to eat. Typically, I take a light lunch to work and find a sunny spot to sit outside. Walking about at midday on Thursday and Friday was a Chicago-like experience with crazy-cold wind. Definitely not good for al fresco dining.
But today we have a reprieve. It is sunny and clear enough to cut your finger if you reach out to the mountains. A few minutes ago, I took the trash out and stopped to turn some kitchen trimmings into the worm pit. I was perfectly comfortable in a sweatshirt. Lingering in the garden, I noticed that the fig tree is almost nude but a few hold-out figs are stubbornly hanging on, waiting for a little ripening warmth. January sunshine may be pretty but it's not much good for figs.
Now, as I write this, I see outside my dining room window, the manzanita is blooming little white bells in the musky green. A hummingbird is looking for a taste of something sweet. There are bumble bees stirring things up, too. You have to appreciate the SoCal Winter.

I have Death Valley photos coming soon. In the meantime, this is the last moonset for 2012.

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