Saturday, November 9

Chasing Ansel Adams

After a blizzard of emails, much speculation, internet and print research, map study and exploration by various members, this gang of Ansel Adams fans visited the spot where he made the negative that would become Mount Williamson From Manzanar.

There will never be another one just like it but here is my quick study, after Ansel Adams. Of course, the day was crystal clear and my negative was actually a digital file and color, too. Still, it was a great thing to stand there and wonder what it was that told Ansel to stop here and look for a shot.
There is a register at this site where visitors can leave their names.  In the 10 days before our visit, John Sexton and Alan Ross had stopped by and dropped in their cards. Stu Levy visited earlier in October, too. We are in good company (albeit remotely).
I'm hoping to get some images from the gang to share, so keep an eye out.
Editor's note: Allan sent along a link to a wonderful 360 degree pan made as I was composing our group shot.  Check it out.
Ansel Adams

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