Tuesday, January 10

Just another Friday night at Mather Point.

These are more traditional images of the Grand Canyon made on our first evening of viewing and shooting. Be sure to click the pictures to enlarge them. 
These composites don't lend themselves to cropping, as you can see. For the pan above, I didn't capture enough sky to fill out the right side of a cropped pan. Even an uninteresting sky would have offered a better balance.
Above, you see that the stitching process bends the horizon so that it can match the foreground. At some point, I'll make a nice, straight, layered composite in PhotoShop. Look for the Colorado River in this pan. You will see a bit of it in the lower left corner. Bright Angel Canyon runs away from us to the North Rim.

Just how does the Canyon glow after the sun has slipped behind the horizon in the west? Does it collect light all day long to release at this fleeting moment?

The countless visitors entertained us as we passed the time waiting for the perfect light. In this crazy scene, you will see one man with two right hands.
Check it out.

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