Sunday, January 8

More Railings

Here are railings again.
Above, a view of the Colorado River from Mojave Point on the west end of the park. The three supports at left stand nearby.
Viewpoints like this, all along Hermit Road, have kept me time and again from reaching Hermit's Rest before last light.  I'm not sure that's a bad thing, but maybe next time I'll go directly to the end of the road and work my way back.
 At right and below, shots of the overlook at Desert View in the quiet light or, more rightly, after quiet light. But I loved the way the railings glowed, so I kept the camera in place. I figured I could go as long as the camera battery could withstand the cold.
It was fun to watch visitors approach the overlook to drink in the sights. Often, they made pictures of each other or the canyon or the Colorado River away out there to the northeast. The kids were kids and climbed on the railings and coin-op telescopes.
As the light faded and the cold came up, there were fewer visitors and smaller groups. A couple with two dogs came when it was just too dark to shoot. They were conscientiously staying out of the picture until I asked them to step in.
After that, we packed up and headed for the parking lot. Ours was not the last car. Others were still out there looking into the dark canyon.

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